i always try to write something. but somehow it happened to be a disaster entry

how awesome are ya?

Posted: May 20, 2011 by si blogger kerek in

compare to me friends in fb which of course reflect their lifestyle i have the most boring life. i dont upload much updates or statuses in fb since i didnt do much on the weekends since i have to work like 6 days a week with a weird schedules. i dont go anywhere other than pavillion and klcc because both of these places are walking distant with me office and me home. extremely boring!i know. my hang out buddy is my sister and my bestie shah together with my ex. ah.... how perfect can it be.

so how was your weekend? did you had a good time or awesome weekend gateway?


Posted: May 14, 2011 by si blogger kerek in

dan pada suatu hari, segala yang tersimpan menjadi rahsia akan terbongkar semuanya
semua dusta yang semakin hari menjadi-jadi itu akan di muntahkan kebenarannya.
waktu itu terduduklah aku tergamam memutar memori dan menyesali butanya hati.
di saat dunia menjadi benar-benar realiti tanpa apa-apa yang tersurat
baru aku tahu betapa aku sememangnya bukan siapa-siapa.