i always try to write something. but somehow it happened to be a disaster entry

Episode thweee (like three)

Posted: August 12, 2011 by si blogger kerek in

Hihihi. Beginning of the post pn da grind like orang gila.

So aku, Dia n Sangsang were joking and laughing. bahagia (~.~!)
tiba2 Sangsang cakap something nasty about me yang way to emberassing. Omg, he cant say those thing in front of Dia!!!what should i do?!!!

Dengan tindakan refleks, aku pegi belakang Dia n from behind tutp telinga dia. Dia giggle. -hepi hippo- Which describe me best

Sangsang tergelak-gelak tengok reaction aku. Aku alihkan tangan aku dari telinga dia. Jahat betul la Sangsang ni!!

Tetibe Sangsang cakap lagi benda tu. Arghhh!! I need to tip toe so i can reach my crush ears. Aku tutup lubang telinga dia like literally. Tapi bukan la jolok jari aku kat luvang telinga dia. Dia giggle lagi. I can live with the gigle forever.

If he only knew.

Kire nasib baikk die gigle. Cuba bayangkan if dia tolak aku and ask me to behave like an adult, perghhh malunya.. Instead, he gigles. Omaigad, comelnya dengar. And i was like a baby dinosour who fell in love. Sigh

Its ok to miss u

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Ramadan 2009

Adli: Morning sleepy head. Milo or tea?

W: i dont want anything. I just want to sleep

Adli: Hey, it almost imsak. Everything is ready on the table. Bangun cepat.

Lazy bums. That is what i am. Setan dah kena ikat but im still pemalas. Mayb it just me yang pemalas. Nothing to do with presence of satans. Sigh~. Adli pull my both hands. Making sure i'm standing with both of my legs. Adli turn around and about to leave the room. Before he takes his first step i laid my head behind his back and both of my hand hanging on top of his shoulder. We walk funny, he never complained and i dont get a chance to thank him for everything. We walk downstairs and enter the kitchen. Im heading to the toilet while Adli pull a chair, sitting down and waited for me and the rest of the family.

P/s sigh lagi. It's Ramadan 2011. And i have nowhere to go when i missed him. :( i keep on talking shit bout him because i dont want anyone now how much i miss him (seems like evryone already know since i post this entry) if postman boleh post rindu aku ni, maybe kena pakai 8 bijik kontena+29759303736185 guni yg still on hold utk d post.